Akismet vs CAPTCHA

​Yes, by all means, we definitely need a good utility to deal with spam!

In this regard, Akismet is very highly regarded, thousands of folks swear by it, and indeed, it comes bundled with WordPress.

And so it shall be!

which leaves the question, tO CAPTCHA or not to CAPTCHA?

Well,  I dunno, I have to do some more heuristic research. I suppose I could find half a dozen good CAPTCHA plugins.

Has anybody done any research? Please let me know!


My vision for a website

I want a website with modern software, that’s comfortable and easy to use !

It should look good and work well on whatever device you’re using, either a smartphone or a desktop.

This is why I chose the WordPress platform, because it was designed from the outset with this in mind!

But there’s just a couple more things I think are important.

First of all, the text should be big and readable!